Celebrating 2 years

Celebrating 2 years

Two years have come and gone in the blink of an eye. A little over two years ago, having no clear plans for our futures, an opportunity was presented to Kaitlyn and I. Previous owner/publisher Jill Morison was looking to retire from the newspaper business and asked if we’d be interested in taking on her role. On August 15, 2017 the paperwork was signed, and we were excited for The Press to begin a new chapter.

At that point we had already begun transitioning in the months leading up to the transfer, but we knew there was still plenty to learn.

Two years has taught us so much. We’ve learned how to wear many hats at once and have learned all aspects of running a newspaper.

We’ve encountered hiccups for sure, but ultimately, they made us work harder and lessons were engrained deeper.

We’re constantly working to keep The Press thriving. Over the past two years we’ve modernized certain features in paper, we’ve launched a new website, we’ve celebrated The Paper’s 150th birthday, we’ve won municipal, provincial, and federal awards, we’ve introduced new features and special issues, including our biggest yet: the Staycation Haldimand summer guide. We’re proud of where we have come in two years.

Kaitlyn and I aspire to do everything we can to make this paper the best it can be. Why? Because we truly love The Haldimand Press.

We love the photos and stories recorded on the pages; we love our staff, who make it such a great environment to work; and we love our community of Haldimand County.

This paper is the epitome of community. It’s the community that provides the paper with its content, through events, news, features, and more. More than that though, it’s the community that reads the paper, it’s the community that supports the paper, and it’s the community that helps to promote this paper.

We love hearing your feedback, positive or not. We’re always looking to work with you to make this your paper, a paper that you love too. So, if you have any thoughts on what you love, or what you don’t, to help us improve, send your feedback to publishers@haldimandpress.com.

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