Diesel fuel spills at Nanticoke Refinery

By Kaitlyn Clark

The Haldimand Press

NANTICOKE—Approximately 95 litres of diesel fuel leaked into Hickory Creek and the nearby wetland at the Imperial Oil site in Nanticoke near Lake Erie.

Imperial Oil has said workers learned of the spill Sunday night that was coming from one of the dock pipelines. The leak has since been repaired.

“The ministry takes all spills and threats to the environment very seriously,” said Gary Wheeler, Ministry of Environment (MOE) spokesperson, adding that it is the MOE’s role to oversee clean-up efforts to ensure environmental impacts are properly addressed.

“Early June 3, the ministry became aware of a diesel spill at Imperial Oil,” said Wheeler, adding that Ministry staff then attended the scene. “Imperial Oil repaired the valve and deployed absorbent booms at the mouth of Hickory Creek and an adjacent wetland. The spill appears to be contained. There is no sign of a sheen downstream of the booms. Also, no impact to wildlife at this time.”

The MOE gathered water samples for analysis. Imperial Oil is also continuing to monitor the water quality around the booms.

“The company removed impacted soil from the area and Hydro-vac trucks are taking part in the clean-up,” said Wheeler. “The company submitted a draft clean-up plan for Hickory Creek to the ministry. The company will submit a clean-up plan for the wetland as soon as access to the wetland has been improved. The ministry will continue to oversee clean-up and remediation efforts as necessary.”

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