Transport truck sideswipes traffic light, truck in illegal turn

Transport truck sideswipes traffic light, truck in illegal turn
This vehicle was side-swiped by a passing tractor trailer that was damaged itself after attempting an illegal turn.
Damaged traffic light pole.
This traffic light was struck by a passing transport truck.

By Kaitlyn Clark

The Haldimand Press

HAGERSVILLE—Pat Zdunich is calling for Haldimand County to ensure tractor trailers stop illegally turning right onto Main Street North in Hagersville from King Street “before somebody is injured, or worse.”

Zdunich had just exited the barbershop with his grandson on Main Street on March 26, 2019 around 5:10 p.m. when a tractor trailer made the illegal right turn: “As the truck continued slowly around the corner the two outside dual tires exploded and the rubber tire ripped off the rims. The red-light standard swayed violently as the truck came in contact with it,” said Zdunich.

Zdunich attempted to flag down the driver of the truck as it continued north with rubber from the exploded tires “flopping around”. Zdunich added, “I then noticed that his trailer was not following the tractor in a true line and was ‘dog tracking’ to the right as he continued north … maybe four feet, and completely destroyed a white Ford SUV.”

Zdunich called 911 as the truck continued out of town “at a slow speed with the tires starting to smoke”.

The driver pulled over around Hewitt’s Dairy, “unaware that he had struck anything at the intersection,” said Rod Leclair of Haldimand OPP. “There was damage to the trailer wheels, so he may have noticed something didn’t sound or feel right.”

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