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The Haldimand Advocate

The Haldimand Press, Your Newspaper

Locally owned, community driven. Since 1868. 

The Haldimand Press is proud to serve the residents of Haldimand County. Our roots date back to 1868 and today, over 150 years later, we are the only locally owned county-wide weekly newspaper in Haldimand. The Haldimand Press was introduced in 1975 when the Haldimand Advocate, established in 1868, and the Hagersville Press, established in 1932, combined.

We are proud to recognize our Publisher Emeritus, Bob Hall. Under Bob’s stewardship and that of his father before him, the paper gained an outstanding reputation as a chronicle and great supporter of the Haldimand community. When Bob decided to retire, it was important to him to keep the ownership local.

The Haldimand Press cares about this community and believes in Haldimand. Our paper’s mission is straight forward: to build and support Haldimand identity and pride with excellent coverage of events and news in our local region.

The Haldimand Press is a growing and dynamic newspaper with a team that is focused on bringing its readership a superior newspaper filled with content they care about.