Anne McAlpine: December 10, 2020

I have heard from many of you who are creating homemade Christmas gifts this year. At readers’ requests, I am sharing some things that can be used for gifts.

The cookie mix in a jar is a recipe that Dorothy Egger contributed to the Grandview Lodge Cookbook 2018 and it is a good one. You can decorate the jar lid with a bow or Christmas ornaments, tying the instruction card to the gift.

The date balls is an old family recipe that I have always had success with. My grandma rolled them in icing sugar, but very finely chopped nuts and grated coconut works well, too.

I shared this recipe for peanut brittle a couple of Christmases ago, but had a request to repeat it. Be sure to let it cool completely before breaking it up or it will stick together after you put it in a storage bag.

The surprise cheese puffs should be kept in the refrigerator and can then be reheated at 325 for 10 minutes, or can also be eaten at room temperature. The recipe makes about 84 yummy balls.

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