Anne McAlpine: January 19, 2023

My friend Janet Roscovich always made the best pierogies. When my son, Jason, told her how much he loved them she began making a batch for his birthday each year. Yes, he shared some. He always ate them with lots of sour cream and butter.

I saw this pierogi pork chop recipe in an old 2005 Taste of Home magazine and thought it looked like a great way to enjoy them. The recipe as shown makes just two servings but can easily be doubled. My family also recently enjoyed pierogi poutine during our Carolina Wine tasting adventure. I had never had it before and it was delicious.

The cranberry brie bread would be a good accompaniment with the pierogies. Brie is a favourite cheese for me and although I have not tried this yet it does sound delicious.

I received a couple of Random Act of Kindness from readers this week – Michelle picked up garbage on her walk along the river and Jo’s neighbour took her garbage can and recycle bin back to her house on garbage day. Let’s continue to do for others as we begin a new year. A gentleman paid for a paramedic’s order at one of our local Tim Hortons. You can email, message, or phone me with yours.

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