Anne McAlpine: January 26, 2023

Pauline Armstrong shared her healthy banana chocolate chip muffin recipe with me. When she makes them, she doesn’t add the brown sugar and she uses butterscotch chips instead of chocolate ones as that is what her husband prefers. She also adds ½ cup of chopped nuts and ½ cup of mixed dried fruit or raisins. She has also added chopped dates with good success. 

Pauline shared some of her Mexican fruit cake with me and it was delicious. She says that it freezes well and also keeps well in the refrigerator. It can be glazed or iced if you prefer. 

I recently made these cornmeal muffins and I really liked them. They reminded me of my Grandma’s Johnny Cake that she often made. These can certainly be eaten on their own, but I warmed them slightly in the microwave and drizzled maple syrup over them. I have also added a list of things that can be added to the recipe. 

I received some more acts of kindness this week – Kaitlyn’s cousin Stephen went to Dunn-ville from Hamilton to help her out with a plumbing problem. 

Nine-year-old twins Sophie and Izzy found a dog named Ollie in front of their house. Their dad went to help them because they didn’t have a dog leash and called the telephone number on the tag, but he had read it wrong as he didn’t have his glasses on. Sophie and Izzy checked the tag again and, rereading the telephone number, their dad was able to get hold of the owners. Ollie got home safely thanks to these two caring girls. 

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