Caledonia Men’s club celebrates 85 years of community involvement

Caledonia Men’s club celebrates 85 years of community involvement
CALEDONIA—Shown from left, Sam Bent, Former President; Doug Rolston, President; Ralph Benedict, guest speaker; and Carl McKenney, Secretary, presiding over the most recent gathering of the Caledonia Men’s Club. —Photo courtesy of Bob Forbes.

By Mike Renzella

The Haldimand Press

CALEDONIA—During the Great Depression, many individuals and groups rose to help the less fortunate. Here in our community, one such group was the Caledonia Men’s Club.

Formed in 1935, the group was a fraternity composed of local businessmen and farmers who all joined together to raise money in the community for those hit hardest by the economic hardships of the time.

The group’s motto is ‘Helping Quietly in Caledonia’, and that is exactly what they have done for the past 85 years.

“My father, Gordon Lyall, was a member commencing in 1935. It was the depths of the Great Depression,” remembers current member Art Lyall, 72, who lives and works on Tyrone Farms, a business that has been in his wife’s family since 1867.

“We have eight dinner meetings a year, rotating through four of our local churches that have facilities to host our meals,” explained Lyall. “This supports the auxiliary church groups who prepare our meals. We have guest speakers to inform, educate, and entertain our members with 20 to 30 minute presentations.”

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