County names citizen board appointees for 2022-2026

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By Mike Renzella

The Haldimand Press

HALDIMAND—Haldimand County has named its citizen appointees to the various boards and committees that provide guidance to Council.

According to a County report, participation on a board or committee provides citizens with an “opportunity to more actively engage in their local government. This works to strengthen community relationships and creates a mechanism for open and meaningful dialogue on municipal issues, thereby enhancing the quality of life that Haldimand County residents enjoy.”

The County requested interested citizens apply back in November, yielding responses from over 70 residents, many of whom applied to be on more than one board or committee.


Applicants were screened based on a series of criteria including relevant skills, expressed commitment to the role, and time availability. Additionally, efforts were made in the selection process to ensure geographical representation from across Haldimand. 

Accessibility Advisory Committee

This committee serves as a key resource and contributor to accessibility planning issues in all departments of Haldimand County, including providing advice on building, recreational, and facility design matters, communication practices, and transportation matters.

Committee members—Janet deVos, Ashley Everets, John Pack, Andrew Poirier, Frank Rao

Agricultural Advisory Committee

This committee advises Council on issues and policies pertaining to agriculture and agribusiness in Haldimand. Membership must include two representatives from the Haldimand Federation of Agriculture (HFA), two representatives from the Christian Farmers Association (CFFO), and a representative from the agribusiness community.

Committee members—Richard Blyleven (CFFO), Dan Court, Neil Hedley, Stuart Heeg (CFFO), Henk Lise (HFA), Cody Snyder (HFA), Kevin VanderSpek, Christine Wilkinson

Business Development/Planning Advisory Committee

This committee offers advice and perspective on what is happening in the business community and provides feedback on the success of Haldimand County’s Economic Development and Tourism strategies.

Committee members—Tauri Caputo (Grand Erie Business Centre), Phil Hauser, Mike Lessard, Paul Makey, Russell McTear, George Naylor, Adam Peet, and Mark Reynolds 

Committee of Adjustment

This committee is authorized to grant land severances and minor variances to zoning bylaws that implement Haldimand’s Official Plan.

Committee members—Carolyn Bowman, Paul Brown, Paul Fleck, Paul Makey, Don Ricker, Brian Snyder, Brian Wagter

Heritage Haldimand Advisory Committee

Heritage Haldimand advises Council on matters pertaining to Parts IV and V of the Ontario Heritage Act concerning the conservation of property of cultural heritage value or interest and Heritage Conservation Districts.

Committee members—Catharine Blott, Ryan Graham, Rick Montour, Savhanna Rayne, Toshia Shurr, Sylvia Weaver, Deb Zynomirski

Museums Advisory Board

The Museums Advisory Board participates in strategic planning, outreach, and fundraising activities, advocates for Haldimand museums in the community, and approves community museum operating policies as required by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.

Board members—Rachel Berry, Michaela Chiasson, Colleen Kelly, Melissa Lloyd, Nancy McBride, Dick Passmore, Jill Shea

Police Services Board

Of the five members on the Board, one member is required to be a citizen appointed by Council. The other members consist of two provincial appointees and two members of Council. Candidates are evaluated on several criteria, including a commitment to public safety, genuine interest in community policing, administrative and budgetary experience, conflict management skills, and previous experience with policing initiatives. Citizen appointee—Lorne Boyko

Public Library Board

This independent governing board formed under the Public Libraries Act provides a comprehensive and efficient public library service that reflects the community’s unique needs.

Board members—Patrick Cook, Jo Geary, Mary Kent, Patricia MacDonald, Grace Main, Linda VanEde

Seniors Advisory Committee

This committee provides advice on issues and policies that impact the quality of life of seniors (60 years plus) in Haldimand.

Committee members—Valerie Bailey-Phillips, Judy Duggan, Barbara Horton, Arnold Huffman, Ray Kitchen, Marianne Knight, Annette Krupicz, Leila Thompson, Wendi Waage

Trails Advisory Committee

This committee provides advice regarding the creation of a comprehensive trail system in the County on behalf of residents and trail interest groups.

Committee members—Brian Dixon, Dan McKay, Russell McTear, John Pack, Savhanna Rayne, Lloyd Rollinson, Sheldon Simpson, Bill Stoneman

Youth Advisory Committee

This committee provides advice on issues and policies that impact the quality of life of youth in Haldimand. The purpose of the committee is to provide a forum for the exchange of information on youth needs, options, and initiatives across the county.

Committee members—Avaia Bergan, Lauren Dunham, Leah Holmes, Aidan Johnston, Tyler Loney, Kiana Teal, Audrey Whitman

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Committee

Since the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee has only been active for one year, it was not included in the recruitment process. All four appointed members will continue for the next term.

Committee members—Harsit Patel, Anita Gombos Hill, Gayatri Bousfield, Arif Majid