Dunnville’s Chad Charles Campbell releases first single

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By Mike Renzella

The Haldimand Press

DUNNVILLE—Dunnville resident and father of three Chad Charles Campbell has been on a long journey with his music, stretching back to his childhood and leading into the recent release of his first single, titled ‘Cloud 10’.

He explained how family jam sessions and holiday musical events were common growing up: “I grew up around my hometown of Port Colborne, where I was introduced to music at a young age by my very talented mom and family of musicians…. Those experiences sparked my love of country music. I was immersed in music my entire life and fondly remember my mom singing to us on car rides, at bedtimes, and whenever the opportunity arose.” 

As an adult, Campbell is an active member of his community, where he loves his role as a coach for a U18 hockey team in Cayuga that his oldest son plays on. As the pandemic wore on, Campbell made it a personal mission to promote positivity in his community, leaning on his musical talent to help him do so.


He has posted songs on his social media account every Friday for the past two years with the hopes of lifting the spirits of his family, friends, and followers, leading to an appearance on CHCH news last December where he was highlighted for his efforts. 

“In my 30s, I pursued a goal of learning guitar and spent the last 12 years teaching myself how to play,” said Campbell. “I have a passion for writing and have always aspired to become a singer-songwriter. Two years ago, I discovered a process for songwriting in which I combine the musical progressions I record on my phone with my written lyrics and notes to create original songs. I have recorded and posted many of these original songs, along with covers.”

Having signed with Radar Love Records, Campbell’s first single was produced by Juno Award-winning producer Michael Hanson, known for his work with Canadian rock group Glass Tiger. Hanson heaped praise on the fledgling songwriter: “I always call him the new Bob Seger…. Chad is a pure hook writer, who works fast and at a high level. His debut is long overdue.”

According to a press release, Campbell’s song Cloud 10 “contains all the elements of the classic theme of falling head over heels, framed and delivered in a bouncing country-rocker that gets you out of your seat by the first slamming chorus.”

Campbell said he is finding it hard to contain all the musical ideas swimming around in his head now that his first single is out: “After writing my first original song, the creative floodgates opened and I found myself writing several songs each week. I now have a bank of songs, musical progressions, and lyrics I continually expand, revise, and integrate to produce new originals! I classify my music in the country-rock genre and I also enjoy covering songs using my own unique musical style.” 

Also contained on the single is a duet titled ‘Hometown Christmas’ that Campbell recorded with his niece last December.

“I am humbled by the overwhelmingly positive response from family and friends. The feedback and encouragement has been inspiring. I am learning that the difficulty lies in getting my music heard by a larger audience and I am always trying to think of creative ways to promote my music via social media platforms.”

Campbell plans to continue posting songs on social media weekly, with two more singles planned for release in the coming months. 

He is also developing a podcast that will cover “a wide range of topics intended to spread joy, create awareness, inspire people to try new things, do better, and be better.” The podcast will be released through Campbell’s production company, Right Arm Productions, which can be visited online at rightarmrightarmrightarm.com, where visitors can hear some of Chad’s music and get a taste of the type of positivity he has been spreading locally for the past two years.