Haldimand Council considers opposing Strong Mayors act

Haldimand Council considers opposing Strong Mayors act

By Mike Renzella

The Haldimand Press

HALDIMAND—Bill 3, otherwise known as the Strong Mayors, Building Homes Act was passed by the province on September 8. In its current form, it gives ‘strong mayor’ powers to the mayors of Toronto and Ottawa, with Premier Ford indicating it would likely extend to other municipalities in Ontario.

Haldimand received a letter from Kingsville requesting they join them in opposing the bill. Cathy Case, General Manager of Corporate and Social Services, said, “The staff recommendation is to support the town of Kingsville’s resolution based on a number of factors.… The legislation basically limits the influence and authority of ward councillors, and it places executive powers on the head of Council individually to make decisions regarding financial matters and budgets, bylaw passing, organizational structure, and the hiring of and dismissing of key administrative positions within the County.”

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