Have Your Say: Hewitt’s opposing statements, Nanticoke development proposal

Have Your Say: Hewitt’s opposing statements, Nanticoke development proposal

      Two weeks ago, a reader pointed out the diametrically opposed statements made by Ken Hewitt regarding the proposed Nanticoke development. Last week, Hewitt responded, except that he never referred to the contradictions between his statement in February and his current position. Instead, he made an election statement that no development would take place until after consultation.

      This is not the first time that a proposal approved by Council has been stopped. In the last term, a proposal to build condominiums where the to-be-demolished County offices then stood became an issue when a local historian pointed out that the land grant from Queen Victoria had a string attached – if the County should no longer have use of the land, it was to be offered back to Six Nations for the same amount it was purchased. This would mean the area would be returned to Six Nations for $40. It was only then that any “consultation” began.

      There are what is known as “political opportunists”, willing to take advantage of any lack of protocol that benefits them.

      For the recent Provincial election, Emperor Ford contacted Mr. Hewitt directly about running for the Conservatives. At no time did Hewitt publicly state that selecting a candidate is the prerogative of the local Riding Association, who pay for that opportunity.

      To keep up appearances, he “stepped away” from his duties as mayor for 60 days. During the time, however, he still used his mayoral “commitments” to show up at public functions. It demonstrated the lap-dog attitude of the rest of Council as they sat on their hands during this. If Hewitt had been elected as MP, it would have given Councillor Tony Dalimonte a clean shot at being mayor himself. A shot for which he applied, and then backed down when Hewitt lost.

      When a Council-approved development was occupied and labelled “1492 Land Back Lane”, Hewitt took the side of the developers, speaking against the occupation, even though he had a house down payment invested in the development!

      A recent statement by our current mayor suggested that now is not the time to have inexperienced people in charge. This statement has been made several times over the years, but always by incumbents. Oddly enough, when an incumbent then lost, the world didn’t come to an end!

Bruce Burton,