Have Your Say: Turning the page for Haldimand County

Have Your Say: Turning the page for Haldimand County

      A short time ago I received a recorded message from Ken Hewitt. I listened carefully, as others must have done, but unfortunately, found no positive reason to support Mr. Hewitt as mayor for another 4 years.

      To look at the future of our county, with the current administration, you only have to look back at the past 12 years. Did the residents of Haldimand want a new administration building, that is supposed to last maybe 50 years? Was it necessary to demolish the old one, which was built to last? Such a sturdy construction could have been put to good use for other, much needed purposes in the community. We have tried in vain to find out exactly how much that demolition cost us taxpayers. Whose idea was it to build a new library and in its current location? Was that another “communal decision”?

      I firmly believe that Haldimand needs the kind of administration that will NOT make decisions behind closed doors and “push things through” with little or no consultation with its constituents.

      Let’s turn the page for Haldimand and vote for a leader whose top priority is to listen to the people of this county. Especially when it comes to the looming Empire Homes proposal at Nanticoke.

Charles Gillyatt,