Letter to the editor re: Poverty

To the editors,

I just finished a book I had borrowed from my local library. It was so good I went and bought a copy. And anybody who knows me knows I don’t often buy a book. I don’t think I could afford to do so, and the biggest reason is as a rule I don’t reread a book. This book had so much information in it that I found it pertinent and useful; I felt to do justice to the topic I needed to go and buy one. And with what is happening with Premier Ford’s government, the timing was spot on.

The book Is called Poverty, by America written by Matthew Desmond. For me, this book is the best I have ever read on this topic. I found it well researched and very, very disturbing. Mr. Desmond describes starting in the 1970s:

  How the top 1% of the wealthiest people were working with the government and creating the policies and laws that took their riches to new heights. 

How the new policies and laws created back then – made stronger or added to since then – have not only helped create poverty in the first place but grew it into what we have now.





How these policies and laws have allowed poverty, homelessness, food banks, and the crisis with the healthcare system to grow to the levels we are now dealing with. 

This not an exhaustive list. In fact, it is a very long list on what has happened to make the average person’s earning potential to become smaller and smaller and the wealthy just keep laughing all the way to their offshore bank accounts. 

And these conditions will continue to get worse unless the voting people start working against these very powerful people!

The perfect example is now before us with Premier Ford’s government. This is not just about how they removed all that land from the Greenbelt in what was a classic case of corruption. But remember he is the Premier who decided we had to have Highway 413 through very productive farmland that experts say will only save the average driver about five minutes of travel. Of course, the same developers who are going to earn $8.3 billion from the Greenbelt build up are the ones who will make billions from this highway. 

How about how this government dealing with the crisis in long-term care? Their solution is to put it into private hands. The same private hands that in Covid had the most deaths because of poor care due to no money spent on these same facilities. Private hands need to make bigger and bigger profits.

I have said this many times. We need to vote differently. We need to hold all politicians accountable. If you truly believe in your favourite party’s platform, please vote that way. But please, can we start voting for the best person who you believe will represent you in government and work on behalf of the average person, not the top 1%?

And one last thought: I think it is time we do to the Premier Ford’s government what the Canadian voters did to ex-prime minister of Canada, Brain Mulroney’s government — vote them all out and hit reset! Just my opinion.

Patrick Cook, Hagersville