Mayor questions MTO’s communication of Argyle Bridge work in Caledonia

By Lindsey Stuckless

The Haldimand Press

CALEDONIA—Mayor Ken Hewitt said he was confused as to why the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is having communication with Mississaugas of the New Credit and Six Nations without including Haldimand County.

“I am perplexed that you said regular communication is taking place with our neighbours and we have not been kept in the loop,” said Hewitt, adding that he was at a meeting in August with MTO senior staff and Chief Ava Hill where the importance of communication between all parties was discussed. “I am very concerned that at the meeting it was clear that Haldimand County wanted to be in these complex conversations and now I am hearing otherwise.”

Ward 3 Councillor Dan Lawrence echoed Mayor Hewitt’s frustration by saying a lack of communication could polarize the two communities.

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