More local MP hopefuls speak out over Leslyn Lewis’ nomination

By Mike Renzella

The Haldimand Press

HALDIMAND—When Diane Finley announced her retirement earlier this year, long-time Conservative member and Dunnville resident Mike Ramsey was envisioning the type of nomination race he remembers taking place prior to Finley.

“We have wonderful Conservative people that could have made this something really special in the riding. I have experienced it…. (The nomination meetings) packed the Hagersville high school. There would be 600 to 700 people there and there would be debates and speeches and that’s where you got to know the fellow Conservatives across the riding. Even Liberals would go to them to see what it was all about,” reminisced Ramsey, one of several local residents who considered putting their name on the ticket this year but found Leslyn Lewis to be quickly acclaimed uncontested.

Mike Ramsey

“It’s not about the nomination. It’s about the process of bringing out the best in our area to debate, to talk … and you wasted an opportunity to hear from really good people that could have offered some insight and information and direction for the area,” continued Ramsey.

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