Re: Thank you to our caring Cayuga community, Creative Corner by Roger L. Arnold, Public officials must represent the public, Chair-ish Auction

Thank you to our caring Cayuga community

To The Editors, 

I would like to thank the lady who helped me when I fell leaving the Cayuga Country Market on Saturday, June 1, 2024. She called 911 and my son. Her son then did first aid on my bleeding leg, while waiting for an ambulance, that took a very short time getting to us.  

Thank you Charlie Bee Products, who replaced the jar of honey which broke when I fell on it. Thank you to all who showed compassion at the scene and since returning home.

It sure is great to live in a small caring community.


Marilyn Rohrbach,


Creative Corner by Roger L. Arnold

To The Editors, 

I enjoyed reading the Creative Corner last week (May 30 issue) from Roger L. Arnold. 

I love the country western music. Had to share you can get music on the Rogers channel – Stingray – Channel 403. We just leave that on all day and get to listen to Hank Williams, Johnny Horton, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Don Gibson, Bill Monroe. I really enjoy that channel and thought I’d share. 

Thank you,

Doug Weaver, 


Public officials must represent the public

To The Editors, 

From my perspective, our Public Officials appear to have their highest priority as being in photo ops.

When I and others contact these public officials with serious matters of concern they seem to have no time or care.

Time for Public Officials who represent the public, not publicly paid models.

Jesse Little,


Chair-ish Auction

To The Editors, 

Congratulations to the art students at Dunnville Secondary School and their teacher, Sarah Sibthorpe, on their successful partnership with the community, as profiled recently in The Haldimand Press.

Having read the article, I am inspired to visit the Wilson McDonald Memorial School Museum to see the exhibit of chairs that each of the students painted to reflect their favourite historical artists, to raise money for museums in Haldimand (before the end of the exhibition on June 14).

It reminded me one of my favourite classes at Hagersville Secondary School, Art/Art History, taught so well by the late Peter Chandor. I have loved art and art history ever since, and my life has been made richer as a result. 

I am also inspired by the student’s generosity, and their support of museums in the county. 

We learn important lessons from our history. And the learning can be more beautiful with paint brushes. 

Bryan Webber, 


HSS graduate, 1979