Tune in to these live speakers at Seedy Saturday

By Elsie Eubank

To The Haldimand Press

HALDIMAND—Want to know what new and exciting plants Haldimand Horticultural Society members are planting? Visit our virtual Seedy Saturday website March 20, 2021   (seedysaturdayhaldimand.com) to see what plants and bulbs we have available.

See what seeds we are exchanging through our Seed Swap page. If you see seeds on our page that you like, email info@seedysaturdayhaldimand.com to request them. If you have seeds to exchange you can drop them off at one of our drop off boxes listed on the website or mail to one of the addresses listed. If you don’t have any seeds to exchange, you can still order seeds. If you wish to make a donation to Haldimand Horticultural Society to help support this program, or our community gardens, or any number of our projects, you can mail a cheque made out to Haldimand Horticultural Society, or you can e-transfer to haldimandhorticulture@gmail.com.

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