Why vote in Ward 4 by-election?

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To the Editor,

I have been asked, ‘what is the point in voting in this by-election?’ Well, I can give many reasons. The first and foremost reason to get out and vote would be because this is a direct way of influencing what is happening in your community. Here are two other reasons for voting, in my opinion.

First, here is another opportunity to decide if you want to stand pat with the same people in power or someone new.

Tony Dalimonte has been the only councillor Ward 4 has ever had. Unfortunately, not counting the short time frame Natalie Stam served after winning the last municipal 2022 race by winning 65% of the vote. He had served from 2001 to 2022 (information from Tony’s flyer).

Marie Trainer was Mayor of Town of Haldimand from 1991 to 2000, where she continued as Mayor for Haldimand County from 2003 to 2009 (information from Wikipedia). 


Jess Little has no history.

James Kaspersetz has no history.

Albert Marshall has no history.

How about the hot button issue. Should council continue to proceed with the MZO for Empire Community’s request to build 15,000 houses out by Nanticoke?

Tony was on council when they voted unanimously to proceed with this request.

Marie has stated she will not agree this is in Haldimand’s best interest.

Jess has stated this is a no.

James has stated at the MZO public meeting that he thinks “that the steel industry has run its course” (letter to editor, May 11, 2023).

Albert has been quoted as saying this is not good for Haldimand.

I could give many other reasons for the community to get out and vote. I just gave these two to get people looking, thinking, and talking about the coming June 19, 2023 Ward 4 by-election.

Patrick Cook,