4-H Mini Horse Club update

4-H Mini Horse Club update

By Evan Berestecki

To The Haldimand Press

The Introduction to Miniature Horse Club is well underway. The leaders of our club are Wendy Strong and Dale Tomlin. We held elections at our second meeting on April 13. Elly MacLeod is our President, Ainsley Stewart is our Vice-President, Annika Muis is our Secretary, and I, Evan Berestecki, am the Press Reporter.

If you didn’t know, at each meeting we start with the 4-H pledge, which is:

“I pledge: my Head to clearer thinking,

my Heart to greater loyalty,

my Hands to larger service,

my Health to better living,

for my Club, my Community, and my Country.”

            At our first meeting, we learned about miniature horse moods, proper handling, putting on the halter, and approaching the miniature horse. We also learned how to make a quick release knot, and then we used a shedding blade!

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