Anne McAlpine: August 19, 2021

Editor’s Note: Anne McAlpine’s daughter Allison Sladin is taking over this column while Anne recovers from a fall.

One of the things I do over the summer is clean out and reorganize cupboards and closets. When cleaning out my kitchen cupboards, I found some applesauce that needed to be used so I embarked on an applesauce baking mission. The cinnamon applesauce cookies are more like mini muffin tops. I made them bite size, which my husband loved. I made half the batch plain and then added dark chocolate chips to the remaining half to entice my son to try the cookies. My husband prefers the plain cookies. Next time I make this recipe I will add raisins as I think the applesauce and raisins will be a nice combination. I prefer a little crunch to my cookies, however the cinnamon hooked me on these cookies.

The applesauce puffs recipe appealed to me as I like using the Bisquick mix. Again, this recipe had cinnamon, which automatically interests my family in new recipes. This recipe makes a moist, flavourful muffin. The cinnamon sugar on the whole muffin adds a nice treat.

The chocolate banana applesauce cake is filled with nutrients disguised with the cocoa. The applesauce replaces the need for butter and oil and still makes a moist cake. There is no need to ice the cake as the chocolate chips sprinkled on top after the cake is removed from the oven melt to create an iced-like topping.

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