Anne McAlpine: December 15, 2022

Orange ginger pork chops make a great Asian dinner dish. The recipe makes 4 servings and is good with rice cooked with some chicken broth and the drained mandarin orange juice. Another suggestion is to mix some grated cabbage with shredded carrot and toss with a ginger dressing to complete your meal. I got the original recipe a few years ago from a Company’s Coming 30 Minute Meals cookbook. 

I have made this Crockpot mashed potato recipe before and really like it. The last time I used herb and garlic cream cheese and it added lots of flavour. I omitted the garlic salt when I used the flavoured cheese. I used old aged cheddar cheese for topping it.

I have not yet tried the steak rolls, but it does look like a good way to enjoy steak. The recipe as shown makes 6 servings with a nice combination of vegetables and provolone cheese. 

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