Anne McAlpine: July 14, 2022

I always attempt to answer all readers’ requests and this column is no exception. I shared a couple of dog treat recipes with you a while ago and I recently had a reader request some more. I asked my veterinarian friend, Tammy Hornack, for some and she shared these with me. So this week’s column is geared to dogs, but any of the items are good for adults to eat, too. I think the ice cream treat recipe would be a nice ‘people’ treat, too. I have also listed some items that are good on their own to feed safely to dogs.

The baked dog treats are a healthy item and be sure to let them cool completely before allowing your dog to enjoy them.

Also be sure to check your nut butter’s ingredients to ensure there is no xylitol, a sweetener that is toxic to dogs. It is also known as wood sugar, birch sugar, and birch bark extract.

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