Anne McAlpine: July 22, 2021

I received some very nice compliments about From The Kitchens of Haldimand this past week and I thank you all. Thanks also to those who sent along a couple of their favourite recipes to share.

Although I haven’t tried these yet I did find this recipe for air fryer chips to be an interesting one. They sound like an interesting snack food.

Although I gave you a corn salad recipe last week I recently tried this one and it is delicious. As my friend who taste tested it for me commented, “It seems like an odd combination.” I thought that, too. It is really tasty, though, and a great way to enjoy both vegetables. When I made it I simply thawed a bag of corn that I had frozen, drained it, and squeezed it completely dry before adding it to the mixture. I found it was even better when I let it sit overnight in the refrigerator.

I recently purchased some pork chops from Jepson’s Meats in Hagersville and used them to make this honey pork chop recipe. I had one red pepper and one yellow pepper on hand so I simply used them instead of two red ones. I do like feta cheese and I used more than the suggested amount with good results.

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