As they say, if you ate today, thank a farmer

As they say, if you ate today, thank a farmer

By MPP Toby Barrett

To The Haldimand Press

Canadians recently had an opportunity to celebrate farming during Canada’s Agriculture Day.

We appreciate the partnerships that work together to celebrate agriculture annually, but understand the value in promoting farming year-round. January and February in particular offer up meetings for commodity groups to discuss policy and relationships with government.

The Province of Ontario is standing up for farmers by strengthening and protecting supply-managed sectors, reducing unnecessary red tape while ensuring food safety, and creating an environment where farms and agribusinesses can grow and prosper. Ontario’s farming sector has received full support from this government since day one.

We remain particularly concerned following the announcement of the new NAFTA – and its impact on Canada’s agricultural sector. We will continue to defend Ontario’s agricultural and economic interests at home and abroad.

The main focus of Agriculture Day is to connect people to where their food comes from and how it’s produced. In Haldimand and Norfolk, most people still have enough of a connection to the land. Roadside fruit and vegetable stands are abundant during harvest, and there is the option to buy product directly from many farms. Many consumers have built a relationship and trust with area farmers. Others prefer to shop in a grocery store and still look for locally grown.

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