Council approves pay raise in wake of federal tax legislation changes

By Lindsey Stuckless
The Haldimand Press
HALDIMAND—Haldimand County Council approved a raise to their base pay to help combat the removal of the one-third tax exemption rule. The increase will have an estimated impact to the County’s levy of $129,700.
Effective January 1, federal legislature will mean Council members are taxed on 100% of their earnings, rather than the two-thirds previously allowed. The new legislation also means 100% of Council’s earnings will become pensionable.
The approval of the base-pay raise means Mayor Ken Hewitt will earn $101,919 and Councillors will earn $52,957 in 2019 versus their respective salaries of $79,756 and $39,879 in 2018.
Mayor Ken Hewitt said salary discussions are never easy, especially when the conversation is regarding yourself. He noted that of the three options given to Council, the third option for increasing the base pay is the only one that takes into account the reality that most members of Council have another job as well.
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