Dunnville home lost to fire

Dunnville home lost to fire
DUNNVILLE—On Thursday, January 28, 2020 a fire started in the attic of a Dunnville home on Haldimand Road 20. Bruce Kamerman and his girlfriend Lisa Fogel lost almost everything in the fire. —Submitted photo.

By Valerie Posthumus

The Haldimand Press

DUNNVILLE—On the afternoon of January 28, 2021 just before 2 p.m. a fire broke out in the attic of a home on Haldimand Road 20 just west of Dunnville.

Bruce Kamerman and girlfriend Lisa Fogel were having a typical day at home when Fogel noticed the smell of smoke while letting one of their dogs out. Kamerman said, “I had the day off and I’ll tell you, I’m so glad that was the case.”

Kamerman told Fogel that it might be smoke from the woodstove pipe. At the same time, Fogel looked out the window and saw Steve Mcarthur Jr. of Niagara Falls in their driveway, who had been driving by when he saw what might have been snow swirling in the wind, but then realized, “No, it’s definitely smoke.”

Kamerman went out and Mcarthur told him the house was on fire.

That’s when, Kamerman said, “All of a sudden, panic set in.”

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