Hagersville Twinkle Lights now up

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By Kerstein Mallon

The Haldimand Press

HAGERSVILLE—Hagersville’s annual lights are up again. Last Saturday morning, the first truly cold winter’s day, Simplicity Air volunteered to venture out to decorate the town on behalf of the Hagersville Chamber of Commerce’s Twinkle Lights Committee.

HAGERSVILLE— Volunteers decorate Hagersville. Pictured is Bernie Thomas (Twinkle Lights Committee) and Carolyn Bassindale (Vice-President of Simplicity Air).

“We wanted to pitch in as a team and show our commitment to the community,” said Bill Meems, Business Development Manager. Simplicity Air has been in business for over 24 years and has recently planted their roots in Hagersville. After joining the Chamber of Commerce, the team became aware of a need for volunteers to jumpstart the festive season. 


Bill and his team, with the help of Rob Heaslip, President of the Chamber of Commerce, and Bernie Thomas, who has been involved with the Twinkle Lights Committee for nearly a decade, ventured out with true holiday spirit. The team of volunteers braved the cold winds and snow to hang Christmas decorations around the market square and throughout the downtown area. 

Shanna MacPherson (Accounts Payable Lead at Simplicity Air).

“We have all had a rough few years,” Bill explained. “We wanted to bring some joy to our community as we approach the holidays.”