Jarvis Lions Park named site of new 9-hole disc golf course

Jarvis Lions Park named site of new 9-hole disc golf course
Fall Disc Golf Success!

By Mike Renzella

The Haldimand Press

JARVIS—The Jarvis Lions Club and the Jarvis Parks Committee have joined forces to bring something new and exciting to town – a brand-new nine-hole disc golf course to be installed at Jarvis Lions Park.

Haldimand County currently provides grant funding toward the operation and maintenance of the park, and will provide $4,900 of the $14,000 total budget for course installation through its Community Partnership Program.

Disc golf is similar to regular golf but played with a frisbee. Players stand on a tee pad and launch their discs toward a cage. Like golf, each hole has a set par and players keep score in the same manner.

“Disc golf is a rapidly growing, low-cost recreational activity suitable for individuals and families of all

ages and abilities,” said a Haldimand County report, which noted how popular the LaFortune course has been in the four years since its installation in Caledonia. 

“Feedback from residents and users of the LaFortune Park disc golf course has been extremely positive. By all accounts, the park and course are heavily used,” said the County release.


The County release continued, “The low cost and accessibility of the sport to a broad demographic has been favourably identified, as well as opportunities for tourism promotion. Players are also known to travel extensively to other disc golf courses and for tournaments and events.”

The release also notes how other communities, notably the City of St. Catharines, have documented “increased park usage and decreased crime rates” in a park after installation of a disc golf course.

The Jarvis Lions said they hope the new course will provide more options for outdoor community recreation. The Park Committee will provide ongoing maintenance to the course, once completed.

The sport is one of the most rapidly growing in the province, due in part to its ‘pandemic friendly’ nature as players can gather safely outdoors. When the LaFortune course was installed in 2018, it was one of 45 courses on the Ontario Disc Golf Association’s website. There are now 54 courses listed, representing a 20% growth rate over four years.

Additionally, UDisc, a popular app which features events, course layouts, player stats, and shareable score sheets, has reported a 50% user growth rate between 2020-2021, with over 15 million rounds recorded in the app over 2021.

“Staff reviewed several plans presented by the group and made a number of site visits,” said the release. “The most recent plan meets staff recommendations for minimal risk to other park users and neighbouring properties.”

The new course was designed to create flow and continuity of play, while avoiding pedestrian walkways or any impact to ball games in progress on one of the park’s diamonds. Additionally, signage will be installed at the start of the course, including a course overview, instructions, rules of play and conduct, and emergency contact information.

According to a County review, the course meets standards related to community vibrancy and health, corporate image, and reduces the cost of government services by optimizing partnership resources within the community.

“I’d like to thank staff immensely because they’ve had to really sort of put this together in the last couple of weeks. The Parks group and the Lions group have had about three meetings with staff in person at the park,” said Jarvis Councillor Stewart Patterson. “Everybody worked really well together, expediently, to get this here today.”