Letter to the editor: Where have all the volunteers gone?

Letter to the editor: Where have all the volunteers gone?

To the Editors,

Mike’s editorial on the front page of last week’s paper regarding Senior Support Services certainly epitomizes the current challenges being incurred by the majority of our groups and organizations.  

When I reflect back on “the good old days”, I vividly recall the inaugural CayugaFest information meeting which I hosted during the winter of 2002. Over sixty volunteers representing 18 organizations attended during a major snow storm and a similar response was enjoyed for Cayuga’s 150th anniversary celebrations in 2009. Sadly, the original enthusiasm that prevailed for CayugaFest has now waned to the point where my dream of an ongoing community festival is now history.

When I came back as president of Cottonwood Mansion my initial concern centred around its financial situation; however, with so many positives now being enjoyed, its future currently rests on being able to attract enough volunteers to host the many scheduled events slated for 2022. This is even compounded by the fact we received a monetary grant for two summer students and so far, only one applicant, who is a non resident of Haldimand County has applied.

In closing, if the current downward trend in volunteerism continues, the amenities that we have grown to appreciate and enjoy, such as Cottonwood Mansion Museum, will cease to exist.

Clayton Spears,