New condo building in Hagersville proceeding ahead of schedule

New condo building in Hagersville proceeding ahead of schedule
HAGERSVILLE—A look at the exterior of The Jackson, a new 77-person condo building aiming to be move-in ready before the end of 2022. —Photo courtesy of DICO Developments.

By Mike Renzella

The Haldimand Press

HAGERSVILLE—Construction on The Jackson, a brand-new 77-unit condominium building located at 64 Main Street North in Hagersville, is coming together ahead of schedule, with the developers aiming for occupancy to begin by late 2022.

“We’re definitely not close to completion yet,” said Paul Dishke, one of two co-owners of DICO Developments, who have partnered with Lanca Construction to bring the building to fruition. “Because the building we chose is a fully pre-fabricated concrete building, it went up super fast.”

While from the outside it appears that the building is nearing completion, inside there is much work still to be done. This includes framing for the individual suites, with electrical work currently being completed on the second and third floors, and drywall to follow not long after.

Dishke, who also works as a realtor for Re/Max, said that the lot the new condo is built on was owned by his business partner Jason Cowie, who also owns Wingers, a Hagersville-based custom cabinetry business. 

Originally, the two had debated on how to use the space, with the idea of building a car wash initially considered, but Dishke says the real estate market just made sense: “The condo market is just increasing everywhere. We saw what they were doing in Caledonia…. We’ve always had an interest in developing.”

He continued, “Every small community needs one of these buildings. It’s a good size property, we had enough acreage to do something of a good size. Because Hagersville has a lot of rock, underground parking wasn’t an option. This gave us enough surface parking to build a decent-sized building.”

HAGERSVILLE—While the outside of The Jackson building is on its way to completion, the inside still has plenty of work outstanding before the first residents can move in.
—Photos submitted by DICO Developments.

On the sleek, modern design by BG Architects from Brantford, he added, “We wanted something a little different.… Architecture is changing. We’re both local to Haldimand and we wanted to build a nice building. Jay and I want to do a lot more condos everywhere. This is our first building.”

There are 27 different suite sizes inside The Jackson: “We wanted to maximize window space and how the building is designed so there are a lot of unique views. Jay and I met with the architects, we looked over the plans, and we considered the square footage and the need of what we thought Hagersville wanted,” said Dishke, noting that the final design of the suites was tailored to meet a variety of affordability for interested buyers.

Dishke said they sold 75% of the building in three days, before deciding to pause further sales until the building was further along in the development process. Sales resumed this fall and almost immediately sold out.

DICO Developments is hoping to get many more similar projects off the ground, including another condo building in Haldimand. However, Dishke says it is too early to give details yet on where this other condominium will be placed.

He added that the condos appeal to people looking to downsize and first-time homebuyers struggling with inflating home prices: “We think every small community needs one of these buildings with an aging population and especially with regards to affordability. It’s becoming such a problem for first-time homebuyers that this definitely fills a void.”

He concluded, “It’s so expensive for them getting in the market that this gives them an option to get on the property ladder. Buying a detached home as your first house is becoming less and less possible. We’re also pretty cognizant on keeping condo fees low for residents of the building.”