Quilts for Survivors bringing love, hope, and comfort

Quilts for Survivors bringing love, hope, and comfort
DUNNVILLE—Dunnville’s Own Tiny Stitchers (DOTS) has been working with Quilts for Survivors to make quilts for survivors of residential schools and other trauma. These quilts have since been sent all over Canada, including Bowen Island, BC; Toronto, Ontario; Argyle, Manitoba; Cochrane, Ontario; and Inuvik, Northwest Territories. —Submitted photos.

By Valerie Posthumus

The Haldimand Press

      DUNNVILLE—Local quilting group Dunnville’s Own Tiny Stitchers (DOTS) has been busy making quilts for a group called Quilts for Survivors. Based in Timmins, Quilts for Survivors is a nation-wide collective effort of volunteer quilters crafting full-sized blankets that are gifted to survivors of the residential school system and other trauma.

      Bonnie Robins, President of DOTS, learned of Quilts for Survivors in 2021. She explained, “I was moved by the discovery of the children’s graves in BC and then spent some time learning about residential schools; I had never heard of them. I was appalled and ashamed of what I learned. So, I did what quilters do best when there is a need – I started making quilts.”

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