4-H Quilting Club update

4-H Quilting Club update
Club members are shown showing off some examples of quilts that they brought to the second meeting for ideas. Back row (l-r) is Annika Muis, Olivia Mitchell, Jaylin Vaarkamp, Haley Van Groningen, and Rachel Kelly. Front row is Courtney Money, Harley-Lynn Atkinson, Jai-Lyn Bentley, and Amelia Snyder. —Submitted photo.

By Haley Van Groningen

To The Haldimand Press

On March 8, 2019, the 4-H Quilting Club had their first meeting at Kathy Phibbs’ house. Eight members of the club met and played two games. The first game that we played was to finish the sentence “I’m going on a trip and I’m bringing…”. The next game that we played was “Do you have a…”.

After we all met we had elections. Harley-Lynn Atkinson was elected President, Olivia Mitchell was elected Vice President, Jailyn Bentley was elected Secretary, and Haley Van Groningen was elected Press Reporter. After, we all enjoyed juice and cookies. The leader, Kathy Phibbs, handed out slippers and we all decorated them by adding bows, bells, designs, and beads.

March 15 was the next meeting of the 4-H Quilting Club at Kathy Phibbs’ house. Harley opened the meeting and did the roll call. Next, we played a game which involved your favorite piece of fabric. After the game, we talked about what we were going to do for the fair and what piece of the quilt we were going to make to donate.

For the next four meetings the members worked on their pieces of the quilt to be donated. When each member finished their piece, they started working on their fair project for achievement. Some members have chosen to make a blanket, pillow cases, pencil cases, and/or an apron.


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