Recycle every plastic jug on the farm in 2019

Recycle every plastic jug on the farm in 2019

By Peggy Brekveld, Vice President, OFA

To The Haldimand Press

As Canada’s on-farm plastic recycling program celebrates 30 years of turning old jugs into new opportunities, the organization behind it has set a new challenge for the agriculture industry. Cleanfarms is calling on farmers to make 2019 the year that every on-farm plastic jug is recycled.

Cleanfarms currently recovers about 65% of the plastic containers that are placed in the Canadian marketplace for use in agriculture. Recovered agricultural plastics are recycled into new products that include farm drainage tile, flexible irrigation pipe, and garbage bags.

During this year’s Earth Week (April 22-28), Cleanfarms celebrated 30 years of collecting plastic jugs across Canada that are 23 litres and smaller for recycling.

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