A lifetime of love: 38 years & 80 kids

A lifetime of love: 38 years & 80 kids
Gwen, Morgan, and Hailie Schaeffer
By Valerie Posthumus
The Haldimand Press
RAINHAM CENTRE—To say Raymond and Gwen Schaeffer are busy would be an understatement. With two biological children, three adopted children, two infant foster children and four grandchildren, one of whom lives with them and three who live next door, there is a lot of love in their home.
Their chosen (adopted) children consist of Jamie-Lynn (38) who doesn’t live at home anymore, Hailie (18) who was adopted by the family when she was just four years old, and Morgan (14), who has been with the Schaeffer’s since she was an infant. In addition to raising a family and fostering children, Gwen runs a catering business with her eldest daughter and Raymond works for the Roads Department of Haldimand County.
Of fostering, Gwen said, “It kind of gets in your blood. You love these kids like your own. It’s hard when they go, when you’ve had them a long time.”
The longest a foster child stayed in their care was nine years (the shortest was just a few hours). She laughingly adds, “My hubby said he always knew how many would be at the breakfast table, but not sure about the dinner table.”
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