A stronger partnership for ag

A stronger partnership for ag

By Keith Currie, President, OFA

To The Haldimand Press

Last week’s provincial budget announcement provided Ontarians plenty of material to sift through. From budget cuts to investment promises, the government appeared to include something for everyone in the 343-page document.

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) is reviewing the details and implications the budget will have on our provincial agri-food industry. But we are most intrigued by the 2019 budget vision statement that states farmers and rural communities have a partner at Queen’s Park.

A government partnership is exactly what Ontario’s agri-food industry needs. A collaborative partner that has the best interests of farmers and rural communities in its sights would be ideal. OFA would like to see the Ontario government’s partnership extend to acknowledging the true economic value of our industry and prioritizing the province’s largest economic contributor – the diverse agriculture and food sector. As a partner, OFA wants and expects to be consulted on legislative decisions, regulations and budget allocations.

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