Anne McAlpine: December 23, 2021

This recipe for almond chocolate chews is one that I got many years ago from Aunt Mary Motely of Hagersville. She passed away a few years ago but I think of her often as I prepare and enjoy many of her ‘old’ recipes. This is one that she often made for bake sales at her church. They are a nice mixture of sweet and salty flavours. 

The pizza shortbread is a recipe that I made for the first time this year. It makes 46 very tasty appetizer bites. I did not have any pimento on hand, so I used sun-dried tomatoes. They were packed in oil so I made sure that they were well drained and patted dry before adding them. 

The tortilla crisps are something that I make to serve with my avocado dip that my grandkids really like. 

The maple, raspberry, and orange honey all make great gifts. Each recipe makes 1 1/3 cups. I have not tried the raspberry or orange varieties but really like the maple one. I enjoyed it on a muffin and a bagel. I also made some extra to give as gifts.

My family and I wish all of you a very happy and safe Christmas.

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