Anne McAlpine: December 3, 2020

Due to this COVID pandemic, many of us will be making homemade Christmas gifts, especially if you are like me and don’t order online. Many different things can be made ahead of time, just be sure to seal and store them properly.

I had a request to repeat my nuts and bolts and my sugared spiced nuts recipes from last year, along with other items that could be used as gifts. I just finished bagging my nuts and bolts and will soon be making the sugared spiced nuts. I find that they are good gifts for the mail lady, garbage and recycling guys, and the newspaper delivery person.

The sugared spiced nuts recipe makes 6 cups as shown. I have never doubled the recipe but always make two separate batches. The nuts and bolts recipe makes 31 cups. Be sure to stir both throughout the baking process.

The cream cheese mints recipe is an easy one and makes about 140 mints. When I made them, I used a fork to flatten them and I really liked the appearance. I have not made the popcorn balls yet as the recipe states that they should only be made a week ahead of time, but I will be trying these too.

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