Anne McAlpine: February 25, 2021

Although many of us don’t eat parsnips or Brussels sprouts every week, I do like both of them. My Grandma used to serve both and can still hear her telling us, “No dessert until they are all gone”. I didn’t like parsnips at all but loved Brussels sprouts and it was the exact opposite with my brother, Russell.

I recently had a request for a good way to serve both vegetables and so I hunted through some of Grandma’s old cookbooks and she always boiled both of them, but she did write at the bottom of the recipe for boiling them with salted water (yes, a recipe) that read “I pour maple syrup over them and they eat them up”.

I recently purchased parsnips and tried this maple glazed recipe and really liked it. The addition of cranberries and a sweet glaze certainly makes them tasty. I always bake my Brussels sprouts and usually toss them in oil, salt, and pepper before baking, but I recently tried this recipe and I will continue to do them this way. I halved the recipe and froze the rest for use later on. The cheesy bacon rolls are delicious when served while still warm but would be fine at room temperature, too.

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