Anne McAlpine: February 4, 2021

I had a request this week for some scone recipes and I remembered that my daughter Allison used to make them for her husband, Sam, for his breakfast treat. One week she would make the blueberry scones and then the Scottish oat scones the following week. Allison made the Scottish scones into round pieces and would roll out the blueberry ones to a round shape and cut them into pie shaped sections. She said they were best when served fresh from the oven but can easily be warmed up.

Scones aren’t something that I often make but I did try this recipe for ham, cheese, and chive scones that I found in a Rachel Ray cookbook. I used green onion in place of the chives and they turned out well. I used cooked shredded ham from the freezer and old cheddar cheese. If you melt butter and add a bit of Dijon mustard to it, you will have a great spread for them.

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