Anne McAlpine: January 5, 2023

Christmas morning brunch at Jason and Jane’s was delicious! Jane made French toast, potato casserole, and cheese strata. Jason cooked bacon to enjoy with them. I asked Jane to share the recipes as I really liked all of them.

The French toast casserole was an overnight dish that only had to be baked in time for brunch. Jane said that although the original recipe called for cinnamon and sugar to be sprinkled over the top before baking, she had forgotten it and I thought it was still delicious without it. We enjoyed it with maple syrup poured over it. When Jane made the cheese strata, she didn’t use onion or ham but used extra bacon. 

Several of our readers have asked me to request that we all do random Acts of Kindness again as I did for my 75th birthday last year. I had asked for 75 and we exceeded 110. I am not requesting a total number this year but just asking that we surpass what we did previously.

I will begin by sharing: when one of my former students had his step-dad, whom I had never met, deliver a Christmas gift to my home on Christmas Eve I discovered that he had shovelled my front steps and sidewalk before he left. 

My neighbour Dwayne dropped off a huge loaf of warm homemade sourdough bread that his wife Tammy had made prior to our family dinner on Christmas Eve.

You can email or phone me or drop your Acts of Kindness into the office and I will continue to let you know about all the good we are doing for others (and others are doing for us). Let’s start 2023 off with lots of good deeds.

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