Anne McAlpine: January 12, 2022

When my neighbour, Dwayne, retired this past summer I gave him cards for a baked item once a month for a year. This month he chose chocolate fudge and I was a bit concerned about making it because the last batch that I made didn’t cut well. My recent hint to add 1/8 tsp. of cornstarch to the sugar in a fudge recipe came from a book of 1,000 household hints that I was given. I will continue to do this as it does improve the consistency of the fudge and makes it easier to cut. As the recipe only called for a half can of evaporated milk, I immediately made another batch and it, too, turned out perfectly. 

Pumpkin apple soup is in answer to a request that I received. It is a great combination of flavours. The recipe recommended using Granny Smith or Spy Apples. The Granny Smith apples add a bit of extra tartness, but you could cut down on the sugar a little bit if you use sweeter apples. When I made it I used a large can of cooked pumpkin. I chopped the apples really fine and didn’t puree the soup as I thought it would be good with the little bits of apple in it. 

Easy green beans and almonds is a great way to enjoy green beans. They take very little time to make and you could substitute any kind of nuts if you don’t have almonds on hand.

Acts of Kindness – Brenda Eyre took homemade chicken soup to her friend who was ill. She also took some of her husband’s homemade spaghetti and some of his beef stew to her 93-year-old next door neighbour. A gentleman shopper at the grocery story got an item from a top shelf for me.

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