Anne McAlpine: July 28, 2022

When I was asked for a homemade dog treat recipe and decided to dedicate an entire column to animal treats, I was a bit concerned how it would be received. I am amazed at all of the positive comments. A reader whom I had never met even stopped me in the grocery store and thanked me for sharing the information.

I was recently asked for a fruit salsa recipe to serve with pork chops or chicken and so I am sharing this one that I made several years ago. The original recipe called for 4 jalapenos, but I only used 2 and I found it to still have lots of heat. The peaches are a nice change from the traditional tomato salsa. Be sure to boil it gently for a full five minutes, stirring constantly, as this causes it to thicken up.

These zucchini chips are easy to make and make a healthy snack. Be sure to let them cool completely as they do crisp up more as they cool down. The first time I tried these I didn’t slice them thin enough to crisp up completely, so be sure to slice them as thin as possible. If you find that they are getting too brown, just cover very loosely with a sheet of aluminum foil.

The pesto stuffed chicken breasts are really delicious with the tomatoes and zucchini baked with them. The garlic lemon butter is delicious spread over corn on the cob, adding extra flavour. It could also be used to brush over chicken or pork chops before baking. 

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