Anne McAlpine: November 25, 2021

My home care worker, Amy Mccullough, gave me these recipes from her sister, Jill Parsons, several weeks ago. I have shared them exactly as given to me so you will notice that some of the ingredients are just according to how much you prefer. Jill’s grandmother found this recipe for tomato soup on a can of stewed tomatoes over 30 years ago. She showed her sister Reagan how to make it and whenever the family was invited to Reagan’s she would always make the soup as she was someone who didn’t spend much time in the kitchen and had limited cooking skills. She served it with French bread and a salad. Jill recommends making it the day before as she says it tastes even better the following day. It has certainly become a family favourite!

Mac and cheese was called poor man’s meal by her grandfather. This recipe has also been passed down through the family. With the cost of food now it is no longer considered a poor man’s meal, just something that feeds the family in 30 minutes.

Jill’s baked chicken and mushrooms is easy to put together in less than a half hour and looks like you spent lots of time in the kitchen.

Thanks for continuing with random acts of kindness. It is great to see how many people have responded. Several people had their orders paid for at a drive through; my neighbour attached the wreath back onto my mailbox post when it blew off; the checkout girl at Food Basics packed both the customer ahead of me and my groceries.

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