Anne McAlpine: November 18, 2021

I have not tried this squash patties recipe yet, but it was sent to me by a reader whose family really likes them. She uses butternut squash when making them.

This meatloaf muffin recipe is different than one that I shared previously as it has a sauce baked with it. I used yellow pepper and some of my homemade salsa when I made it.

Maple glazed Brussels sprouts is a good way to get people who aren’t particularly fond of them to enjoy this vegetable. The recipe recommends turkey bacon, but you could use pork bacon and just cook a bit longer.

The whole wheat cheese biscuits are very tasty. They are heavier in texture than a regular tea biscuit as they are made with whole wheat flour.

I received several notifications of acts of kindness again this week. Two more people told me about having their morning coffee paid for at a drive through; my neighbour brought me a bottle of birch tree syrup from a trip to the Yukon; my electrician friend, Jared, fixed an outdoor plug for me; a reader had her groceries bagged at the store and also had her cart returned to the checkout; a reader who has been isolated at home was treated to lunch by his neighbour; and two of my former students from CCPS visited me and gifted me a framed plate of Caledonia’s Old Mill.

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