Anne McAlpine: October 28, 2021

My daughter-in-law Jane recently asked me to make Crock-Pot mashed potatoes for the Thanksgiving dinner at the Steel City Riders’ racetrack. The recipe she gave me was one that I had used years ago. I had contributed it to a family cookbook that my niece, Heather Parsons Honchar, created for all of us. It is easy to make and a great make-ahead dish as it takes 3 or 4 hours on low to be done.

I shared my Brie wonton bites with you several months ago and recently made these ones using a cheesecake mixture in place of the brie. I simply topped them with apple pie filling that I had chopped up and added a touch of cinnamon to, but you could use any type of pie filling you prefer. You could also use your favourite flavour of jam.

The broccoli deluxe casserole is from an old Guelph Celebrities Cookbook. You could use a 10 oz. bag of frozen and chopped broccoli prepared according to package directions and drained well. When I tried it, I used the entire box of stuffing mix and simply sprinkled some over the centre portion of the casserole, too.

Thanks for helping me continue to accumulate Random Acts of Kindness – three people told me about having their drinks paid for at a drive through; a gentleman let an older lady go in front of him at the bank; a friend donated old blankets to the SPCA; and my neighbour brought my recycling bins in for me. We are on our way to the goal.

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