Anne McAlpine: October 21, 2021

Thanks for your response to my Random Acts of Kindness project. It is wonderful to hear about all of the things that we are doing for each other. Three of our readers treated a stranger to their order at a Tim Hortons drive through. When my granddaughter was juggling too many drinks at a Starbucks a stranger got her a tray. A friend, Russ, moved furniture for his neighbour who was moving away. If you’ve got a Random Act of Kindness to share, email me at

My friend, Kim Zeller, told me how much her family liked beef and cheese quesadillas so of course I asked her for the recipe. You can purchase a three-cheese mix or use a combination of any of your favourite cheeses. Kim found that a mixture of cheddar, Monterey Jack, and mozzarella was an ideal combination.

My daughter was given this recipe for easy doughnut holes and, when she made them, she used wiener wraps, cutting each section in half and rolling them. She found that 6 Tbsp. butter was a bit too much and would use less next time. The recipe as shown makes 32. If you use a large baking dish and place them so they don’t touch each other, they will be crisper and more evenly baked. If you use a smaller dish, they will be very soft and may need a bit more time in the oven.

The Crock-Pot hot chocolate pairs very well with the doughnut holes. It is easy to make and keeps well on the warm setting. If you don’t have any unsweetened chocolate squares on hand you can add an equal amount of chocolate chips.

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