Barrett supports further relief for corn farmers

Barrett supports further relief for corn farmers

From the office of MPP Toby Barrett

To The Haldimand Press

HALDIMAND—The Ontario Government continues to take action to help corn farmers affected by high levels of Deoxynivalenol (DON) in this year’s corn crop.

Toby Barrett, MPP for Haldimand-Norfolk, indicated Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Ernie Hardeman announced the Ontario government is extending the Commodity Loan Guarantee Program (CLGP) repayment deadline from February 28 to September 30 for the 2018 and 2019 program years.

“This is a big issue,” Barrett said. “Not all farmers are affected, but those that are have substantial damage.”

This extension will give producers affected by high levels of DON additional time to market their corn. There will be no additional application fees for the extension and producers can still pay off their loans (wholly or partially) at any time before the new September deadline.

“We all want Ontario farmers to succeed, and that means working together to find solutions that will help them ride out the problems nature sometimes creates,” said Ernie Hardeman, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA). “Our government’s risk management programs are responding, as designed, but the market conditions caused by DON require additional action to provide much-needed breathing room to our corn farmers.”

The government is also increasing the maximum guaranteed loan limit under the CLGP from $120 million to $200 million for the 2019 and 2020 program years.

Working closely with representatives from the grain sector, processors and other industry partners, the Ontario government will continue to develop solutions to help provide relief for our farmers and the grain sector dealing with this plant disease.

Farmers with Agricultural Credit Corporation (ACC) loans are encouraged to contact the ACC to discuss eligibility and next steps by visiting or calling 1-888-278-8807.

Quick Facts

  • OMAFRA recently asked Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to initiate a formal assessment under AgriRecovery to further help producers deal with high-DON corn.
  • To help with testing the federal and provincial governments are also providing support through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership to help offer relief to farmers and the grain sector dealing with DON. For more information, please visit the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA) website at or call OMAFRA at: 1-877-424-1300.
  • Canadian Agricultural Partnership funding is also available to support eligible, sector-level projects, addressing the DON challenge. Until February 28, 2019, organizations and collaborations can apply for support on projects that will help the corn sector value chain address challenges caused by DON. More information can be found on the Agricultural Adaptation Council’s website at:
  • Farmers whose crops are significantly impacted by high levels of DON may also be eligible for production insurance coverage through Agricorp.
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