Controlled burn planned for Thompson Creek Restoration Project this April

To The Haldimand Press

DUNNVILLE—In May 2018, Haldimand County Council awarded an $11,550 community partnership grant to the  Dunnville Horticultural Society (DHS) to bring the Thompson Creek Parkland Restoration Project to fruition. Part of this Haldimand County-DHS-Ducks Unlimited Canada partnership project requires that a controlled burn be conducted on the parkland adjacent to Robinson Road. The burn will take place in April 2019 (weather dependent).

The Thompson Creek Parkland Restoration Project aims to rehabilitate the wetlands and grassland, create naturalized walkable pathways, and establish a Carolinian Arboretum Education Centre/outdoor classroom. The purpose of the controlled burn is to clear the grassland site of accumulated debris, halt the growth of invading shrubs, and rejuvenate the native tallgrass ecosystem.

Controlled burns are deliberately set, carefully planned, and controlled fires that consume ground-level fuels like dried leaves, cured grass, needles, and fallen/downed woody debris. The practice is a widely-used and recognized scientific method of controlling non-fire tolerant invasive species, allowing for growth and regeneration of naturally-occurring historical grasslands and fire-tolerant tree species.

The controlled burn has been carefully planned in consultation with Haldimand County Emergency Services, with public safety at the forefront. Lands & Forests Consulting (LFC) has been contracted to oversee the burn with a team of highly-trained, experienced, and nationally-certified wildland firefighters.

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