County provides update on COVID-19 Business Recovery Strategy

By Mike Renzella

The Haldimand Press

HALDIMAND—The Economic Development and Tourism (EDT) Department provided an update on its Business Recovery Strategy during last week’s Council session. The initial plan was launched in May with some key priorities to help local businesses, including a plan for marketing, providing resources and information to local businesses, an outreach program, and a review of program enhancements.

The County has executed a number of its initial goals for marketing, including widespread distribution of a County-created guide to sourcing local food with local restaurants, farmers’ markets, and farm stands. The County also produced and distributed a guide to local wellness and shopping options, as well as a road trip guide featuring a reversible map highlighting photo ops, historical information, and interesting stops throughout the county.

“Overall we have received positive uptake for the advertising and digital marketing campaigns,” said Lidy Romanuk of the EDT department, noting that the two features that offered advertising space were fully booked by local businesses, and the road trip saw over 1,700 people click to see more information online, along with being shared in print with thousands of residents.

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